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After the murder of her father, Evelyn uses his last invention, a dimension traveling watch, to find a reality where he is still alive.

Set in the near future, “Park Arcadia” is a high concept short film about a young woman, whose inventor father was murdered by a disgruntled colleague. Now, Evelyn uses her father’s invention, a watch that allows the wearer to jump to alternate realities, in order to see her father alive again. Will Evelyn cheat death and find a world where her father is still alive or will her actions have consequences?

DIRECTOR: Darren H. Rae

WRITERS: Darren H. Rae & Shaan Aslam

DP: Shaan Aslam

PRODUCERS: Barnaby Dallas & Nick Martinez

Film Details

Los Angeles & San Francisco

© 2022 Roann Films, LLC

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